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Equine America products I already use for 3 years now, for all horses in training and also for retired and breeding horses. All together 25 horses and all year around are regulary fed with Equine America feed supplements.

My favorites are CortaVet, Super So Kalm pasteLike Ice, Tye-Gard, Uls- Gard and Progest.

Why? This is easy, because Equine America products really work! All problems that I faced with, I was able to solve with the Equine America products.

I just love Progest and Uls-Gard! Without them we wouldn’t be able to achieve such impressive results. With Uls-Gard all gastric ulcers are gone! Horses either have improved their digestion health and shine of coat or they put some weight up. Definitely, I recommend it to all who want the best for horses and expect the best from them!

For online store Tetraktis I must say they are fast, affordable and friendly!

Equine America and Tetraktis are definitely part of my success!

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