Caprivite Vitamin Mineral Feed Supplement for Goats


A delicious vitamin and mineral supplement specifically designed for goats.

Consisting of 25 carefully selected ingredients that provide balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus, Caprivite helps maintain optimal health, resulting in greater milk yield and better breeding potential.

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Caprivite Vitamin Mineral Feed Supplement for Goats

Caprivite Vitamin Mineral feed supplement is formulated from the latest worldwide nutritional research. Caprivite provides vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to optimum health, milk yield and performance.

Caprivite is highly palatable and the unique apple flavouring on a cereal base ensures long-term acceptance.

The major vitamin/mineral feed supplement designed specifically for goats.

Presented in 2kg (sold in a pouch) 4kg and 8kg buckets, each equipped with a handy measuring scoop, as well as 25kg sacks for the larger user.

Caprivite, with its unique apple flavouring is a highly palatable supplement designed specifically for goats from the very latest worldwide nutritional research.

When incorporated into the normal feeding regime, Caprivite should ensure at least 50% of the necessary daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to the optimum health and performance of the dairy goat.

Formulated from 25 carefully selected ingredients to guarantee balanced levels of Calcium and Phosphorous. Caprivite helps maintain condition resulting in higher milk yields and better breeding potential.

Available in 2, 4 & 8kg handy resealable buckets equipped with measuring scoop and in 25kg sacks for the larger user.

Feeding recommendations: 15g (½ oz.) measuring scoop provided with every bucket.

Sprinkle 15g (½ oz. approx.) on to the concentrate ration each morning and evening.

Alternatively the entire requirement (30g) may be given at one feed if preferred. These recommendations apply specifically to lactating females, although kids over 3 months, pygmy goats and males will also benefit (15g per day).

The daily level may be increased to a maximum of 50g (1¾ oz.) per day in the following cases:

  •  For heavy milkers to maintain peak production
  • In cases where there is a known mineral or trace element deficiency present in the soil.
  •  When bad weather prevents goats getting their usual daily intake of natural grazing; especially important during the winter months.

Analysis per Kg: Calcium (Ca) 65.5g Selenium (Se) 4.5mg,Phosphorous (P) 45g Cobalt (Co) 11.1mg, Magnesium (Mg) 24g Potassium (K) 400mg, Sodium (Na) 30g Vitamin A 110,000 i.u., Iron (Fe) 1.5g Vitamin D3 10,000 i.u., Iodine (I) 12mg Vitamin E 560 i.u., Copper (Cu) 60mg Vitamin B1 100mg, Zinc (Zn) 1.2g Nicotinamide 200mg, Manganese (Mn) 1.2g, Vitamin B12 1mg, Calcium D Pantothenate 200mg, plus flavourings, colouring and preservative on a cereal base.

Manufactured by Goat Nutrition Ltd, UK. Responsible for labeling in Slo: Tetraktis d.o.o.

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The net quantity, batch or lot reference number and expiry date (valid at least until the indicated date) are printed on the packaging.


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