Garlic powder for goats, 750g


The properties of garlic have been well established over the years, but it is perhaps best known for its reputation as the most popular natural cleanser for internal parasites, as well as a powerful insect repellent.

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Garlic powder for goats

Garlic powder for goats has a beneficial effect on the general health of animals. The properties of garlic are well established over the years but it is perhaps most widely known for its reputation as the most popular ‘natural worming’ agent available – as well as being a potent insect deterrent too.

Each pack is produced from natural materials can be given with complete safety.

Packed in either a 750g resealable pouch for perfect hygiene or larger 12.5kg (27.5 lbs) bulk pack which is presented in a hermetically sealed heavy-duty ‘pillow’ and once opened should be transferred to a suitable container with a sealed lid.

Garlic for goats has a beneficial effect on the general health of animals. It is also excellent in the natural fight against parasites.

Garlic is said to contain more than 25 substances that kill disease germs and therefore contributes to improved immune function, especially desirable in the winter months.

Garlic for goats also contains substances that are useful in relieving pain or. anti-inflammatory action and reduction of swelling, so it is also called a natural analgesic. It is often used in conjunction with antibiotics to treat respiratory diseases and lung infections.

Manufacturer Goat Nutrition Ltd, UK.

Responsible for labeling in Slo: Tetraktis d.o.o.

The net quantity, batch or lot reference number and expiry date (valid at least until the indicated date) are printed on the packaging.

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