Starting with Goats by Katie Thear


A practical guide to raising goats.

Deals mainly with dairy animals and milking, from milk hygiene, milk processing and dairy products, as well as breeding topics such as feeding, accommodation in health.

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Starting with Goats by Katie Thear

Starting with Goats is indispensable guide to keeping goats; for both Smallholders and as pets – by Katie Thear.

The guide to goats and goatkeeping from highly experienced goatkeeper and smallholder Katie Thear.

Well illustrated, with useful and practical information for beginners and as a reference work for experienced goatkeepers.

  • Choose the right breed for you – includes comprehensive list of breeds.
  • How to acquire your goat – what to look for.
  • Housing, pasture and feeding advice.
  • Regulations and keeping your goats healthy.
  • Milking and making cheeses, butter, yogurt and ice cream.
  • Breeding and showing goats.

Publisher Broad Leys Publications The Limited

Number of Pages: 104

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The author is clearly very knowledgeable and the book is great for beginners.

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