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Apple Lytes electrolytes


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Apple Lytes Electrolytes have been carefully formulated to replace the key electrolytes and encourage drinking to help prevent dehydration and maintain peak performance all season.

Apple Lytes Electrolytes are highly palatable, with an appetising cherry flavour.

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Apple Lytes electrolytes was formulated by Bruce Snipes, creator of Cortaflex®, who pioneered the feeding of electrolytes to horses in the 1960’s.

Apple Lytes Electrolytes have been carefully formulated to replace the key electrolytes.

And encourage drinking to help prevent dehydration and maintain peak performance all season.

An increase in body temperature, either as a result of exercise, travelling or high environmental temperature will cause the horse to sweat.

The evaporation of this sweat helps the horse to cool down and regulate his body temperature.

Sweating causes fluid loss, together with the loss of body salts called electrolytes, contained in the sweat.

A horse in moderate work, trotting and cantering, can lose as much as 5-7 litres of fluid, and 50-70g electrolytes in an hour.

And this will increase as the work intensity or duration increases. And even more if the weather is hot and humid!

The important electrolytes are: Sodium and Chloride, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

Electrolytes for hoses play key roles in muscle contraction, the nervous system, and maintaining the fluid balance around cells.

And very importantly, the concentration of sodium controls the horse’s thirst response.

This is especially notable, as a significant loss of electrolytes can actually reduce the horse’s desire to drink. Even when he has lost a large amount of fluid and is at risk of becoming dehydrated.

If the lost fluid and electrolytes are not replaced, the horse will begin to suffer from dehydration.

Affecting performance and resulting in symptoms of fatigue and reduced exercise tolerance.

And ultimately more serious conditions affecting muscles and the ability to perform.

As horses work and sweat they lose vital electrolytes and mineral salts.

At low levels these can be replaced with Sodium Chloride (salt). But if the horse is in medium to hard work and sweating on a daily basis, an electrolyte supplement must be provided.

Because horse sweat contains a higher concentration of sodium and chloride than his other body fluids, it is important that electrolytes for horses are provided at the correct concentrations.

To ensure that the desire to drink is maintained.

So fluid balance AND electrolyte losses can be restored to promote recovery, and ensure continued optimum performance.

And this is especially important during longer show or events, when performance may decline if electrolyte and fluid balance are not restored.

Without electrolytes, the horse will feel lethargic.

And a continuation of this loss is highly detrimental to the horse’s health.

As the main electrolyte is a salt (sodium chloride) it is important to use a salt – granular or powder based product (not a solution).

As it is not possible to suspend enough of the mineral salts needed within a solution.

Electrolyte replacement to restore losses and encourage water intake are important for all horses and ponies who sweat.

From Pony Club ponies working hard at rallies in the Summer,  through to globe-trotting International eventers, showjumpers and dressage horses!

Apple Lytes Electrolytes are highly palatable, with an appetising cherry flavour.

And should be introduced gradually at home, mixed in feed.

Building up to the recommended level when required after periods of sweating, with fresh water always available.

When should you feed Apple Lytes?

Feed Apple Lytes electrolytes daily to horses or ponies in hard work, especially those who are sweating.

Apple Lytes electrolytes is a salt-based product which can be added to the feed on a daily basis.

For high level competition and endurance events.

Electrolytes should not be fed to a dehydrated horse – always ensure water has been ingested first.

And that the horse has recovered from exercise.

Apple Lytes is an electrolyte replacement product and should only be used once the horse/pony is rehydrated. To aid hydration use Drink More.


A complementary mineral feed designed to replace essential electrolytes for horses lost in sweat.
Feeding Directions

  • For 400-600kg horses: Light work: 30g per day. Strenuous exercise or sweating heavily: 60g
    per day. Maximum; 60g per day.
  • For 300-450kg ponies; Light work: 15g per day. Strenuous exercise or sweating
    heavily: 30g per day. Maximum; 30g per day.

30g (approx) measure enclosed. Do not exceed recommended intakes unless under professional advice.

Additives (per kg): Technological additives: Monosilicic acid (E551a) 500mg. Sensory additives: Mixture of flavouring compounds.
Composition: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate, Potassium Chloride, Dextrose, Calcium Gluconate.
Analytical Constituents: Crude Ash 74.3%, Sodium 22.5%, Potassium 6.7%, Chloride 40.4%, Magnesium 1.7%, Calcium 0.5%

Available in 2,5 kg (80 day supply at maintenance) and 10kg.

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