Natural horse fly repellent Forget Flies 500 ml


Revolutionary fly spray combines the power of innovative new technology and the goodness of natural ingredients-garlic, making it a superior choice for horse owners who prioritize their animals’ well-being.

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Natural horse fly repellent Forget Flies Spray with Innovative Technology

Welcome to Forget Flies Spray, your ultimate solution for effectively deterring flies and biting insects from your beloved horses.

Our revolutionary natural horse fly repelent combines the power of innovative new technology and the goodness of natural ingredients, making it a superior choice for horse owners who prioritize their animals’ well-being.

The Perfect Solution for Sensitive Horses

Conventional fly sprays often come with a loud and unsettling ‘hiss,’ causing distress for many horses, especially the more nervous or sensitive ones. Forget Flies Spray is different. With our revolutionary spray applicator, we have significantly reduced the ‘hiss’ sound, creating a calming and stress-free experience for your equine companions. Say goodbye to the usual struggle of applying fly repellent with our horse-friendly design.

Harnessing the Latest Research and Patented Technology

At Forget Flies Spray, we are committed to staying at the forefront of fly repellent innovation. Through extensive research and the utilization of patented technology, we have enhanced the time-honored fly deterrent properties of garlic. Our specialized process produces a highly effective fly spray with consistent results, unlike the variable compounds often found in garlic powder or granules.

The Science Behind Our Success

Our spray incorporates uniquely standardized polysulphides derived from garlic, ensuring every application contains the optimal levels of active compounds. When applied to your horse’s coat, the unique molecular fingerprint of these polysulphides releases volatile compounds into the surrounding air. These compounds trigger an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of flies, biting insects, and ecto-parasites, keeping them far away from your horse.

A Shield of Protection for Your Horse

With Forget Flies Spray, you can rest assured that your horse remains well-guarded from the nuisance of flies and biting insects. The potent repellent effect ensures that these pests don’t dare to land on your horse, granting them peace and comfort while grazing or during outdoor activities.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

As horse owners and nature enthusiasts, we understand the importance of using environmentally friendly products. Forget Flies Spray is made from naturally derived ingredients, and we avoid harmful chemicals, making it safe for both your horse and the environment.

A Refreshing Aroma for Added Appeal

Forget Flies Spray delights not only your horse but also your senses with its attractive lemongrass aroma. The refreshing scent will leave your horse smelling pleasant, making the overall experience enjoyable for both you and your equine companion.

Discover the power of Forget Flies Spray, the natural horse fly repellent with innovative technology. With our horse-friendly design, patented technology, and environmentally conscious approach, we provide unmatched protection against flies and biting insects, ensuring your horse’s well-being and comfort. Embrace the future of fly repellents and choose Forget Flies Spray for a harmonious and pest-free time with your horses.

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Producer: Equine America (UK) Ltd.

T: +38641817036


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In stock (can be backordered)