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Cortaflex Canine & Feline
Can I give Cortaflex Canine to my horse?

Cortaflex  is beef and liver flavoured; the Equine Cortaflex is alfalfa-based. There are fundamental differences in the formulation of the three versions. Aside from having unique combinations of nutrients, the three versions of Cortaflex are also blended to be palatable to the species for which it was intended! Human Cortaflex is in capsule form. Horses require different nutrients than dogs or humans, for example equine Cortaflex contains copper at levels which are beneficial to horses but not recommended for dogs.


How long does Cortaflex need to be taken? Is it supposed to be administered as a course?

It is a nutritional dietary joint supplement – not a medicine. As such, it can be taken indefinitely! We believe that taking Cortaflex on a regular basis can help to protect joints from the stress and strain of modern daily life.

I don’t actually have any pain or trouble with my joints… is it ok for me to take Cortaflex anyway?

It is safe for people of all ages and physical conditions! It is a joint supplement for natural joint health – not a medicine. If you are eager to maintain an active lifestyle, doing the things you love to do for as long as possible, then Cortaflex is for you.

Do I need to take Cortaflex at a specific time of the day, or with food?

Many people take it at the same time every day, simply because it is easier to remember to take it! However, it is not necessary to take it at a specific time of day, nor is it necessary to take Cortaflex with food.

I am on other medication – can I take Cortaflex?

It is not a medicine – it is an all-natural dietary supplement. There are no known side effects of Cortaflex, and there are no known contra-indications.

We always advise you to consult your doctor if you have any concerns about prescribed medication.



“Hmmm, life can be so much nicer with Cortaflex :-)”
I have a puppy whose pedigree makes it prone to joint problems, especially in the hips. I want to try and prevent any problems from developing, but is Cortaflex safe to give to a puppy?

Yes, it is safe for dogs and cats of all ages and physical conditions. It is a supplement for natural joint health. If you want your pets to maintain a happy, healthy life, then Cortaflex Canine is the choice for you.

How do I give Cortaflex to my pet? Is it difficult to administer?

It couldn’t be easier to administer, and now you have a choice of 3 different preparations.Canine Cortaflex  Powder can be mixed in with your pets regular feed. Canine Cortaflex can be given in the feed.

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