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The Chillow is a Non-Electric, Self-Cooling Cushion

The Chillow Comfort Device is a non-electric, self-cooling cushion that’s designed to provide any pillow with a perpetual “cool spot”. The Chillow is always room temperature (72’F to 80’F), or about twenty degrees cooler than body temperature (average 98.6’F) and is very closely related to good sleep. In addition to being a sleeping aid, the Chillow is also claimed to offer a variety of health and comfort benefits. It is effective in soothing a number of common health ailments – everything from headaches and hangovers to hot flashes, fibromyalgia, even Multiple Sclerosis. It’s also become a significant aid for women suffering from the symptoms of menopause.

It always feels cool because you are always hotter than it is. Hence, it is refreshing but not cold, wet, drippy, or uncomfortable. The technology is simple, functional, versatile and maintenance free.

It’s a safe and convenient alternative to traditional comforting pads that require electricity, freezing, gels or refrigeration.


A unique, well made product with a multitude of benefits!

Chillow® helps you keep cool throughout the day and night and can be used with your existing pillow to help you get a better quality of sleep. Gone are the nights of searching for the ‘cool spot’, Chillow keeps you cool where ever and when ever you need it. The Chillow® is a well made, high-quality product, which has a number of unique design features:

  • Medical grade materials provide safety and durability.
  • Cloth flocking on the back keeps Chillow in place on your pillow or furniture.
  • Vacuum seal keeps hot air out and the patented core functioning at its coolest.
  • Soft, comfortable, flexible surface wipes clean and is allergy free.
  • Does not need refrigeration
  • Once activated the Chillow will keep on working for up to three hours without the need to activate again

You’re always cool with a Chillow:

The Chillow is activated once only by simply filling it with 4 pints of ordinary tap water. The water is fully absorbed into the patented, foam core of the Chillow. Once activated it will keep on working, so it’s always ready for use when you need it.

Chillow is cool not cold:

Unlike ice or gel packs, Chillow provides just the right amount of coolness to be effective and comfortable. The Chillow does not require refrigeration unless you need to be extra, extra cool!

Chillow is dry not wet:

The Chillow does not melt or sweat so it can be used in bed or on clothing without any dampness.

Chillow is soft not hard:

The Chillow is flexible and soft to touch and has memory foam properties.

How to use your Chillow:

The Chillow is activated only once by simply filling it with tap water. The water is fully absorbed into the patented foam core which creates memory foam like comfort that COOLS & SOOTHES. Enjoy a SOFT, RELAXING SENSATION that eases you into deep sleep, soothes headaches and COOLS HOT FLUSHES. Once activated, it will keep on working, so it’s always ready for use whenever you need it. It uses no power and is allergy free.

Watch the Chillow in action and see for yourself:

I want to buy Chillow!

Our Chillow’s are manufactured in the USA by SoothSoft Innovations Worldwide Inc., not to be confused with the “As Seen on TV” version Chillow, that is made in China by Hampton Direct, Inc. Our made in the USA version Chillow, Chillow Plus and Mini Chillow are safe and non-toxic. They provide a dry and natural cooling effect, eliminating the need to flip your pillow to the cool side, on hot nights.

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