Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats


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Evening Primrose Oil Capsules for dogs and cats can support dry skin, improve coat and maintain a normal hormonal balance.


Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules For Pets

Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules contains the highest available levels of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), the omega 6 fatty acid, beneficial for skin and coat condition. Skin renewal, scurfiness, dryness and coat shine are all influenced by the important omega fatty acids.

We recommend this preparation for show dogs, those breeds with long coats and after a moult or other conditions causing hair loss.

Evening primrose is also well known for its ability to maintain a normal hormonal balance, that can otherwise influence behaviour and coat quality.

If you’re planning a litter

Remember to give our Raspberry Leaf Tablets to ensure labour runs smoothly. Popular with breeders, raspberry leaf has been part of herbal tradition as a birth aid for centuries and is still recommended today!
Following the birth, your bitch may experience mood swings and hair loss. This is the time to start giving our Evening Primrose Oil Capsules. To restore hormonal balance and avoid that ‘moody’ phase that many bitches suffer from following a season or phantom pregnancy, we would always recommend giving Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules.

Available in capsule or liquid form and should be given daily to help her feel more like herself again!

Ingredients: Evening Primrose Oil 500mg (10% GLA), Gelatin, Glycerin, d-Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E

Administration: 1 capsule per 10kgs bodyweight daily

Can be used during pregnancy?: Yes

Can be used during lactation?: Yes

Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any medication

Suitable from: From 8 weeks


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