Dorwest Malted Kelp Tablets For Dogs And Cats


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Dorwest Malted Kelp Tablets are a natural supplement to help maintain a healthy appetite for dogs and cats.

Packing 100 or 200 tablets.


Dorwest Malted Kelp Tablets For Dogs And Cats

Malted Kelp Tablets containing tasty and nutritious ingredients this herbal supplement is idea for tempting pets with poor appetites.

  • Aniseed in the formula aids digestion and is appealing to the taste
  • Kelp provides all the essential micronutrients
  • Malt extracts gives energy as well as vitamin B

These great sources of energy and micronutrients mean this is the supplement to give fussy eaters or animals recovering from physical or mental challenges and needing to restore body condition.

Administration: 1-2 tablets per 5kgs bodyweight daily, before food.

Ingredients: Powdered fucus vesiculosis 360mg, Malt extract 90mg, Anise oil.

Can be used during pregnancy?: Yes

Can be used during lactation?: Yes

Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any medication.

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Producer of Malted Kelp Tablets: Dorwest Ltd, Uk.

Dorwest is an expert in herbal pet care. They take the word ‘expert’ very seriously. It’s taken years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and working to only the highest standards to become the UK’s leading provider of canine and feline herbal supplements.

Dorwest is the leading authority on veterinary herbal supplements which they have been producing for over 70 years.


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