Excel EQ with camelina oil for older horses


Help your horse to always feel, behave and look great with a completely natural supplement.

Camelina oil or golden oil supports the health of muscles, joints and circulation and helps with overall well-being.


Excel EQ with camelina oil for older horses

Excel EQ with camelina oil for older horses will offer a unique ratio of omega 3-6-9 fatty acids that supports joint mobility, heart health, the immune system, shiny hair and tale, and regulates digestion.

Excel EQ contains an optimal combination of key nutrients from cold-pressed, vegetable, castor oils, which provides a unique balance of omega fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have been shown to have a positive effect on the cell membrane’s response to trauma and infection, and to reduce inflammation.

Recent research on horses has even shown that fatty acids can help regulate insulin sensitivity. Camelina oil is also a rich source of natural mixed tocopherols, a family of vitamin E compounds. A wide range of vitamin E compounds can reduce muscle aches after exercise.

Excel EQ Camelina oil, in addition to being a great support for older horses, of course also offers support to horses during hard work in training and competitions, and also promotes the health of their skin and mane, so that your horse can look great when working hard!

Excel EQ ™ has a positive effect on your horse:

  • gastrointestinal health (ulcers),
  • mobility of joints,
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin (local and internal),
  • faster wound healing,
  • fertility,
  • immune system,
  • joint health,
  • shiny and healthy mane,
  • lung health
  • acts as a repellent for flies (especially around the eyes),
  • prevents the occurrence of pulmonary hemorrhage during intense exercise (increasing the flexibility of red blood cells, reducing the possibility of bleeding during strenuous exercise,
  • help your horse to always feel, behave and look great!

Treat your horse with a completely natural supplement that supports the health of muscles, joints and circulation and helps with overall well-being.

Excel EQ ™ is a GMO-free dietary supplement used by thousands of horses worldwide and in all disciplines – both professional and recreational.

Its unique formula also replaces many different, existing supplements.

Excel EQ contains only controlled natural ingredients.

Excel EQ nutritional supplement for older horses to promote overall horse health

Excel EQ is designed to support the overall health of horses. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids found in Excel EQ oil have several beneficial functions in the body.

Feeding instructions (pack of 2 ltr):

  • average horse (500 kg): 60ml / day;
  • ponies and foals: 30ml / day
    Max. per day 150ml.

Ingredients: virgin castor oil and pumpkin oil, extract of fennel oil polyphenols. Additives: flavor enhancer. Analytical constituents: crude protein 0%, crude oil and fat 100%, sodium 0%, crude fiber 0%, crude ash 0%, Omega 3 (35%), Omega 6 (20%), Omega 9
(35%), vitamin E (800 ppm), Camelina Polyphenois (400 ppm).

Store in a cool, dry place. Net quantity, batch or lot reference number and expiry date (applicable at least until the indicated date) are printed on the packaging.

Produced by Excel Supplements.

Responsible for labeling in Slo: www.tetraktis.si


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