Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats


Digestive Tablets for dogs and cats may be the answer to aiding and supporting your pet’s digestion and to settle tummies before a car journey.

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Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats

Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats contain a blend of ginger, slippery elm, and valerian to settle the stomach, helping to reduce anxiety-induced upset tummies, excessive salivation, and car sickness.

So your pet can be ready for any journey, short or long!

Gurgling tums, wind, and flatulence can affect all pets at various times and some are especially prone to this type of discomfort.

Containing calming herbs such as ginger and valerian, rhubarb and peppermint to aid digestion, and slippery elm to soothe and comfort

Can be given long term to susceptible pets or short term to settle the digestion before a specific event or car journey.

Digestive issues can vary from the occasional windy or gurgly tummy to diarrhea, pancreatic insufficiency, or something more serious which will require veterinary attention.

With careful diet considerations and the use of Dorwest herbal supplements, many can be maintained successfully to support the whole digestive system, keep it in good health and reduce discomfort.

Ingredients: Ginger 30mg, Slippery Elm Bark 10mg, Rhubarb 20mg, Valerian Root 20mg, Peppermint Oil 0.2mg

Administration: 1 tablet per 10kgs bodyweight, after meals or two hours before traveling

Can be used during pregnancy?: Yes

Can be used during lactation?: Yes

Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any medication.

Product Finishing: Film Coated

Suitable from: From 8 weeks


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